Babylonia Translations

Babylonia delivers quality translations to organisations that pursue social, cultural and environmental ideals, want to spend their budget wisely and expect professional services in return.


Translation Services

Among the many topics we are engaged in, we are experts in international trade and commerce, development cooperation, business-related development, socially and environmentally oriented work and internal organisation and operations. We have a quality assurance process in place in order to guarantee the quality of our work. We deliver translations on time and make only promises that we can keep.

On top of all this we offer competitive prices. 

Our Clients

Babylonia translates documents for a variety of clients, especially in the development sector, and for ecologically and socially aware businesses and institutions. At Babylonia we develop and maintain pleasant and efficient, long-term relationships with our clients. Read about what our clients have to say about us.  

About Babylonia

Babylonia is based in Bolivia and creates working opportunities for local language experts. Everyone involved in our internal and external processes is treated fairly and with respect.

Read more about our commitment to fair services.