About Babylonia

After moving from the Netherlands to Bolivia, Albrik Davila and Willy van Willigen realised their dream of generating work and income in Bolivia by starting a translation company. This resulted in Babylonia's foundation in 2003.

Willy worked for many years in the Netherlands and Germany in a highly competitive, multinational business environment. She is responsible for Babylonia’s client relations.

Meeting at the balcony of Babylonia’s office: Albrik, Willy and Natalia (translator)

Albrik has lived in many countries, including Guatemala, Japan and the United States. In the Netherlands he worked in fair trade, at the time a small but growing alternative business sector in which sustainable livelihoods and people's wellbeing are paramount. Albrik manages Babylonia's core processes and his responsibilities include quality control and training.

Babylonia is a Bolivian based company in which everyone who is involved in its external and internal processes is treated fairly and with respect. We strive to work with language experts who live in Bolivia and neighbouring countries in order to enhance local employment opportunities. The people who work with us hail from around the globe (Latin America, Europe, Australia and the United States), in conformity with our efforts to ensure quality and, thus, to work with native speakers. All have university degrees and have undergone a strict selection process.

In keeping with our vision, we prefer to work with like-minded organisations and companies and are committed to fair services delivery.