Client Comments

“Cordaid has hired Babylonia’s services since 2004, to its great satisfaction. Its translations are good. Both larger and urgent translation jobs are always done within the established deadline. Of course, the prices are also very attractive. We hope to continue to rely on Babylonia’s translation services often.”  

Cordaid (2014) 


“We have worked with Babylonia for many years and are very happy with its work. It works efficiently and provides a friendly and professional service. Its translations are of high quality at an attractive price.”

Nicole Noonan and Yvonne van Maanen – Agriterra (2014)  


“For many years, Babylonia has been doing translations for Solidaridad. These translations are of good quality. Work is carried out thoroughly and at a very affordable price. Service is quick and reliable.“

Monique van de Vijver – Solidaridad (2014) 


“AgroFair is very satisfied with the cooperation with Babylonia translation agency and the service it provides. All translations from English to Spanish are carried out professionally and accurately to everyone’s satisfaction and at competitive prices. This is the reason why AgroFair wishes to continue the cooperation with Babylonia in the years to come.”

AgroFair (2014)


We have been working for several years now with Babylonia, which has delivered small and large translations from English into Spanish and viceversa. We are very happy with Babylonia’s work. Translations are delivered quickly, costs are clearly indicated, a lot of care is taken to ensure the translations are technically adequate, and much attention is paid to layout. Babylonia does not simply deliver translations; it also keeps an eye out for details and works closely with us as a team. Given this professionalism, it is very pleasant to work together with Babylonia.”

 Luud Clercx - Technical Assistance for Sustainable Trade & Environment (TASTE - 2014)


"I will certainly recommend your services to anyone I hear that needs translations."

Bruce (2013)  


"Thanks, good job, including your attentiveness.”

Luud (2013)   


“Thanks a lot for all the quick and adept translations this year. …I am very happy with our pleasant collaboration."

Mariette (2013) 


"Babylonia delivers excellent quality work with native speaker translators, and deals with its clients in a pleasant and reliable way."

Victor van Oeyen (2013)  


“And, once again, the translation is excellent!“

Sephine (2012)  


“I enjoy working with you and am always very happy with the speed and adeptness of your work.”

Mariette (2012)