Translation Services

Babylonia delivers high quality translations that reflect the local and cultural context of the end-users. It translates from text and audio sources in the following language combinations: 

Source language  Target language
English Spanish / Dutch
Spanish   English / Dutch / German
Dutch Spanish / English
French Spanish / English / Dutch
German Spanish

Please contact us to discuss other language combinations.

Our experience encompasses a wide range of topics, including:

  • International trade and commerce
  • Sustainable business and fair trade
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources
  • Administrative and legal issues
  • Planning management
  • Project management
  • Product development and marketing
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Export and import
  • International development cooperation
  • Gender
  • Narrative/ financial annual reporting and auditing
  • Organic certification
  • Environmental issues
  • Agriculture and irrigation
  • Technical user instructions
  • Urban matters and city planning
  • Extractive industries
  • Government issues and policies
  • Promotion and communication
  • Economy and finance
  • Anthropology and sociology

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